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Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Pervention and Treatment of Child Abuse. Does it make a difference? 10th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Kuala Lumpur, Sept 10-13, 1994 (1994)  8

'La Situazione olandese', in: Abusi e violenze all'infanzia, Ernesto Caffo (ed.), (Edizioni Unicopli Milano 1982)  91-99
voordracht tijdens 1e congres Italiaanse Vereniging voor de preventie van kindermishandeling februari/maart 1980

Art. 12 and the Child's Right to Participation (2006)  8
First Nigel William Annual Lecture August 30 2006 Belfast In memory of Nigel William the first Northern Ireland Child Commissioner

'Child Abuse and Neglect: identification, treatment and prevention and the Rights of Cchildren. Voordracht National Seminar on Child Abuse and Neglect, Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 29-30 1988', in: Proceedings of the National Seminar (1988)  5-30 en 31-51
p. 31-51 is de Koreaanse vertaling van de voordracht

Comparative Legal Systems, Keynote speech tijdens First European Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Rhodes Greece 6-10 April, 1987 (1987)  15 + bijlagen

'Child Abuse and Neglect, Alternative Approaches', in: Battered Children and Child Abuse. Proceedings of the XIXth CIOMS Round Table Conference, Bern, Switzerland, Dec. 4-6 1985, Z. Bankowski and M. Carballo (eds.), (Council of International Organizations of Medical Sciences CIOMS Geneva 1986)  130-145

'Children in Especially Disadvantaged Circumstances, some remarks from an international perspective', in: Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Children in Especially Disadvantaged Circumstances. Nairobi, Kenya 9-13 April 1985, Nimrod O. Bwibo and Philista P.M. Onyango (eds.), (1985)  IV en 22 (summaries)

'Children of Divorced Parents: a voice to be heard', in: Family-Europe-21st Century: Vision and Institutions; Proceedings European Family Forum Athens, May 1998 (Livanis Publishing Organization Athens 1999)  202-207

Children and Violence:identifying priorites and coordinating efforts (2006)  13
Presentation at the Council of Europe Conference Monaco April 4-5 2006: Building a Europe for and with Children

Children's Rights - Tokenism and/or Empowerment? (2006)  9
Key note address at Conference on Children's Welfare in Ageing Europe Challenge and Opportunity Roskilde University (Denmark) June 14 - 16 June

Children's Rights fundamental to well-being, and under threat. Keynote at the ACWA Conference August 14 - 17 2006 Sydney (2006)  10

Child Rights in Practice. The opportunity and Responsibility of Bridging the Gap between Child Rights Practice and Rhetoric (2007)  8
Sidney BC CANADA, Febr. 25 - March 2, 2007-02-20

Conceptpaper HCHR for a unified standing treaty body: some comments and an alternative (2006)  6
Paper prepared for a brainstorm meeting in Liechtenstein in july 2006

Child Justice, trends and concerns with a reflection on South Africa (2006)  10
Presentation at Workshop in South Africa August 1-2 2006 on Child Justice in South africa

Citizen Child: a struggle for recognition (2007)  8

Children belonging to minority groups and the CRC (2007)  14

Children's Peace Prize 2007. Rights of Children and Education (2007)  4

Children without Parental Care: Need for Urgent Action (2007)  8
1st World Conference for Children without Parental Care in The Hague, Netherlands May 21-24, 2007.

Children’s Rights and Child Abuse and Neglect (2006)  6
New Zealand ACCNN 10th Conference Wednesday Febr. 15, 2006 (7.30 pm)

'Dilemma's in de kinderbescherming', in: Verslag Themadag "Kinderbescherming in beweging (vrijdag, 9 juni 1989) (Raad voor de Kinderbescherming Haarlem 1989)  36-47

Divorced Parents and Children and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, presented at Symposium on the Rights to Family Environment (Charleston USA, May 1994) (1994)  25

De minderjarige en zijn processuele (on)bekwaamheid (2005)  8
Bijdrage aan liber amicorum voor Prof Rutgers April 2005

Family Violence: Prevention, Treatment and the Law. European Conference" Violence in the Family", Amsterdam, Oct 13-15 (1994)  15

'Foreword, Summary and Final Recommendations', in: Report of the Pre-Congress Semnar on Child Exploitation as a Modern World System (1988)  94-98
Seminar held in Sydney, August 1986

'Family Violence: prevention, treatment and the law', in: Violence in the Family (Proceedings International Conference), International Council of Women, (1996)  249-262

'Girls, the CRC and the Committee', in: Les droits de l’enfant et les filles? (8e Séminaire de l’Institut International des Droits de l’enfant), Jean Zermatten e.a. (eds.), (Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch Sion 2003)  189-195

'"Hukuksal Mudahale mi Terapi mi', in: Cocilk Istismari ve Ihmali. Nat. Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Ankara 12-14 Haziran 1989 (1992)  215-222
Turkse vertaling van voordracht gehouden tijdens the First National Workshop on Child Abuse and Neglect in Ankara (12-14 juni 1989) over "Therapy or legal intervention"

Human Rights of Children with Disabilities. Presented at the British Council Seminar, Nov. 29 – Dec. 2, 2004 London (2004)  10

Human Rights and Legal Tools for Prevention of Female Genital Mutilation. cairo June 21 2003 (2003)  6
Presentation at the Afro-Arab consultation on Female Genital Mutilation held in Cairo, June 21 and 22 2003

Het kind, Wiens pakkie an.....? Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 15 april 2002 (2002)  15
Lezing tijdens een studiedag over: Wie de jeugd heeft.....Verantwoordelijkheid van ouders en overheid voor het wel en wee van kinderen, gehouden aan de Vtije Universiteit van Amsterdam op 15 april 2002

Human Rights Council and Peer Review: Some observations and suggestions (2006)  6
Note prepared for the discussion on the Universal peer Review by the Human Rights CouncilJune 2006

Harmonization of National Laws with CRC. Some Observations and Suggestions (2007)  8

Harminization of Domestic Laws with the CRC. A Practical Guide. Prepared at the request of the frican Child Policy Forum, Addis Ababa Nov 2007 (2007)  13

Het recht van het kind om opgevoed te worden: Who cares about what? (2007)  9
30 mei 2007

Harmonization of National laws and the CRC: some challenges (2007)  10
May 2007

Impact of Child Labour: creating a lobby against child labour. Pre-Congress Seminar Urbanisation and Children, Kuala Lumpur, September 7-8, 1994 (1994)  5

'Incest, enige inleidende opmerkingen. Voordracht tijdens Incest Symposium op 7 november en 18 december 1984 te Amersfoort', in: Symposiumverslag Incest (1985)  8-14

'International Developments in the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse, presentation for the 6th National conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Baltimore 25-28 September 1983', in: A Commitment to Children, Strengthening families communities and Services, Conference Proceedings (1985)  78

Indigenous Children: Children's rights, services and initiatives (2006)  6
Presentation at the ACWA conference Aug. 15 2006 Sydney

Inserting Children’s Rights in the Constitution (2006)  6
Conference, Dublin Nov. 16, 2006

Juvenile justice and the (possible) role of Probation Officers (2005)  4
Presentation for All Japan Court Official and Probation Officers Tokyo October 12 2005

'Kindermishandeling en justitiële interventie; een wankel evenwicht tussen weldadigheid en gewelddadigheid.', in: Symposiumverslag Dr A. Terruwestichting (1991)  15-27

Kinderen met een handicap en hun toekomstperspectief (2007)  9
Symposium Arbeidspotentieel. Er is meer dan je denkt (Groningen, 29-11-2007)

Legal Education in the Netherlands. Report for Colloquim on Legal Education in Europe, University of Metz, Oct 28-29 1994 (1994)  20

'Leerlingenstatuut en jeugdrecht', in: Onderwijsrecht 4, Verslag van een studiemiddag over het Leerlingenstatuut, georganiseerd door de Vereniging voor het Onderwijsrecht op vrijdag 20 september 1985 (Koninklijke Vermande BV 1986)  19-34

'L' intervention judiciaire à l'égard des mineurs délinquants au Pays-Bas, rapportage par Deuxièmes journées européennes de Défense Sociale "la protection judiciaire de l'enfance", Varenna 26-28 mai 1980', in: Sauvegarde de l' enfance (Revue de l'association française pour la sauvegarde de l'enfance et de l'adolescence) (1982)  59-81
also published in Cahiers de Défense Sociale Numéro Spécial mai 1980

Management of Child Abuse and Neglect at the International Level: Trends and Perspectives. Keynote address at the Conference on "Child Protection for the 21st Century (October 21-23 1987, Denver) (1987)  18

Messages included in the 2nd Concluding Observations to Japan (2005)  4
presenattion for the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations

New Tools for Understanding and Enforcing the Human Rights of Orphaned and Abandoned Children; Atlanta Oct 20 2004 (2004) 
Presentation at conference of International Advocates for Children
Also available: Conference Synopsis

NGO’s, het Kinderrechtenverdrag en het VN Comité (2007)  5
May 4, 2007

'Pleegouders: hun rechtspositie in het Nederlandse recht; voordracht tijdens de 2e Internationale Konferentie Pleegzorg 29 augustus - 5 september 1981 te Slagharen', in: Verslag van de 2e Internationale Konferentie Pleegzorg 29 augustus - 5 september 1981 te Slagharen (Stichting tot Bevordering van Pleegzorg Deventer 1981)  76-84
English version of conference papers also published

Prevention of Child Maltreatment in the next 25 years: International Perspectives; Keynote speech during Sixteenth Annual Child Abuse and Neglect Symposium, Keystone, Colorado, May 18-22 1987 (1987)  13

'Parental Separation and Remarriage: the attribution of parental responsibilities. Rapport t.b.v. de Raad van Europa, Second European Conference on Family Law, Budapest 15-16 October 1992', in: Doc. Conf. /FA (92)2, Strassbourg, September 23, 1992 (1992)  27-46
also published in French

'Preventie en aanpak van kindermishandeling in Nederland', in: Europees symposium, Naar een coordinatie van wetgeving en beleid inzake preventie en aanpak kindermishandeling binnen de Europese Gemeenschap (Vereniging Kind en Geweld Antwerpen 1985)  23-38

'Presidential Address for the 5th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Montreal 9-12 September 1984', in: Child Abuse and Neglect: The International Journal (1985)  3-6
presidential address held as president of the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

'Policy options on child abuse and neglect, summary of a presentation held during the First Sout and Southeast Asia Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Jakarta 21-24 November 1983', in: Child Abuse and Neglect: The International Journal (1984)  385-386

Panel Children with Disabilities, New York August 3 2005 (2005)  8
Presentation made at side event of the 6th meeting of the Working Committee drafting a Convention on the Rights of Persond with diabilities.

Parents and the Rights of Parents; Strasbourg 8 December 2004, Council of Europe (2004) 
Presentation at the meeting of the Committee of Experts on Children and Families (CS-EF) of the Council of Europe.

Paediatrician and the Rights of the Child. University of York (UK) March 29 2004 (2005)  12
Presentation at the 8th Spring meeting of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Protecting Children Globally: PROs and CONS of Intercountry Adoption (2005)  9
Lecture at Harvard Law School

Protecting Children: setting Global standards (2005)  14
Presentation at the 6th ISPCAN Asian regional Conference. Singapore Nov. 18 2005

Play in aChanging World (2008)  12
Presentation at an International Conference in Hongkong January 2008

Professional's Responsibility to Protect Children: Rights supported by the CRC (2006)  12
C.Henry Kempe Lecture at the 16th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN), Sept. 2006 York (UK)

Policy and Legislative Framework providing Family Based Care (2009)  18
Keynote at the First International Conference on Family Based Care Nairobi Sept 2009

'Report on the workshop Child Abuse and Neglect', in: Today's Priorities in Mental Health, Stuart H. Fine, Robert Krell and Tsung-yi lin (eds.), (1981)  181-185
Held lecture and contributed to the workshop Child Abuse and Neglect during the International Congres of the World Federation for Mental Health on: Children and Families, Needs, Rights and Action.

'Rechten van het kind in mondiaal perspectief', in: ECI Info Special (Verslag Congres 17/11/89) (1991)  87-92

'Relatievrijheid van de ouders gezien in het perspectief van het belang van het kind, voordracht tijdens de Leidse Conferentie Relatievrijheid en recht, 25-26 mei 1982', in: Relatievrijheid en recht, W.C.J. Robert en J.M.A. Waaijer (eds.), (Kluwer Deventer 1983)  288-293

Rechten van kinderen: Some Concluding Observations and Recommendations. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 8 september 2004 (2004)  20
Rede ter gelegenheid van het afscheid als hoogleraar familie en jeugdrecht aan de Vrije Universiteit.

Reform of Reporting and Monitoring of Human Rights. One Treaty Body or ...? (2006)  4
Comments of the CRC Committe to the Proposal of the HCHR for one unified standing treaty body

Respect for and Protection of Children's rights and ethics (2007)  7

Reducing Global Violence: the Role of Protecting Children from Corporal Punishment. Raul Wallenberg Humanitarian Lecture (2007)  14

Respect fo and Protection of Children's Rights and Ethics. Presentatie at International Seminar organised LÉnfance et Partage, Paris 20/21 Nov.2007 (2007)  8

Response of professionals in the care for and protection of children in the era of HIV/AIDS (2007)  9
5th African Conference on child Abuse and Neglect Kampala (Uganda) 27-29 March 2007

'Sexuele exploitatie van kinderen: Op weg naar uitbanning?', in: Verslag van het Symposium Sexuele exploitatie van kinderen/Kinderhandel hier en in de derde wereld (1989)  29-32

'Society, children and parents, voordracht tijdens het Symposium " Kind in de kabel" gehouden t.g.v. 25 jaar Therapeutische gezinsverpleging op 6-7 mei 1983', in: Symposiumverslag april (1983)  21-30

Statement at the 6th meeting of the Working Committee for the drafting of a Covention on the Righs of Persons with dsabilities. New York Aug. 4 2005 (2005)  2

Social-Political Aspects of a Child's best interest. Fribourg March 1, 2002 (2002)  15
Presentation at the Interdisciplinary Symposium. Le bien de l'enfant en perspective. University of Fribourg March 1 and 2 2002

Some Reflections and Suggestions Intercountry Adoption (2008)  5
Some follow-up to Internationa Adoption Working Session at Harvard Law School Jan. 25 2008

Transsexualism, Medicine and the Law, General Report t.b.v. XXIIIrd Colloqui on European Law on the Council of Europe (Amsterdam, April 14-16, 1993) (1993)  29

'The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the World Summit on Children: Promising Development?', in: Child Exploitation and Abuse. A global phenomenon, Report of the first Asian Conference on Child Exploitation and Abuse, Dec 17-19, 1990 (1992)  33-38

The Law of Evidence, The Criminal Justice System and Child Abuse. 10th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Kuala Lumpur, Sept 10-13, 1994 (1994)  8

The Child in the World of To-morrow: The Next Generation, Athens 2-5-94. Review of the Conference and some Projections for the Future (1994)  5

'The Exploitation of Child Labour: what can be done to eliminate it?', in: United Nations International Seminar on Ways and Means of Achieving the Elimination of the Exploitation of Child Labour in all parts of the World, Geneva 28 oktober- 8 november 1985 (UN document G/SA 216/3 (38); HR Geneva 1985 (2) W.P. 7) (1985) 

The CRC and the elimination of economic exploitation of children; Paper presented at International Conference "Stopping the economic exploitation of children: new approaches to fighting poverty as a means of implementing human rights? (2002)  6
22-24 February 2002, Hattingen (Germany)

The role of children and NGO's in the 2nd consideration of the Japanese Government Report and the messages included in the Concluding Observations (2005)  10

The CRC and Prevention of Child Abuse; Geneva Nov. 19 2004 (2004)  4
Presentation at World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse.

The CRC and Kids behind Bars. June 30 2005 Bethlehem (2005)  3
Opening Statement at the Conference on Kids Behind Bars. The Child Rights Perspective. Organised by DCI Palestine June 30 - July 2 2005 in Bethlehem

The Child Commissioner: the Champion and the Winner is .....? Edinburgh, April 26 2004 (2004)  5
Presentation at the occasion of the start of the work of the Scottish Commisioner for Children

The need for clarificationof conventions,data collection and reporting on factual information (2005)  11
Presentation at the 2nd World Conference on Children without Parental Care Atlanta

The CRC 15 Years:Themes and Challenges (2004)  6
Presentattion November 29 London, Children's Rights Alliance

The Second Concluding Observations to Japan and the importance of Constructive Dialogue between the Government and the Civil Socity. Some Comments (2005)  4
Presentation at Trilateral meeting (Government/Parliament/NGO)Japan Parliament Tokyo October 11 2005

Tien jaar kinderrechten in Nederland (2005)  12
Presentatie tijdens Congres DCI/Kinderrechten collectief Nov 4 2005 Den Haag

The CRC and legal protection against Stateslesness and deprivationof/denial of nationality (2006)  7
Presentation at the meting of the Open society Justice Initiative New York May 8-9 2006: Approaches to Combating Stateslesness and Arbitrary Deprivation of Nationality

The CRC as an Inspiration and Guide (2006)  8
Presentation at the conference on Children's Rights and International Development University Ottawa& CIDA June 12 - 14 2006

The CRC and the right to acquire and to preserve nationality (2006)  10
Draft article for Refugee Survey Quarterly

The 18th Birthday of the CRC: achievements and challenges. An invitation to the USA to join the CRC (2007)  10
Child Advocacy Law Clinic 30 years University of Michigan School of Law March 29-April 1, 2007

The Optional Protocol on the involvement of children in armed conflict: building an international wall of prevention. (2007)  11
Wilton Park Conference, Febr. 19-23, 2007

The Child's Right to Privacy (2007)  8
Sri Lanka: Launch book Dr. Marasinghe, 29 april 2007

The CRC Committee’s Concluding Observations for Azerbajan A Summary (2007)  14
National Conference 5th Anniversary of the UN Resolution A World Fit for Children (Baku, Azerbajan July 6, 2007)

The Monitoring system of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (2007)  8
Presentation at aconference at the University of Ottawa March 2007

The implementation of the CRC: Challenges for transdisciplinary approach. (2006)  11
presentation at the Brock University, St Catharines (Canada, July 2006

'Vertrouwensarts met/zonder rechtsbescherming (voordracht tijdens symposium gehouden op 2 mei 1980 te Maastricht)', in: Kindermishandeling en hulpverlening; Brochure. (Stuurgroep Jaar van het Kind Maastricht 1980) 

'Verslag van het Congres Hulp en Recht, 31 oktober 1972 gehouden t.g.v. het 50-jarig bestaan van de kinderrechter en ondertoezichtstelling', in: Hulp en Recht: en nu verder (Uitgave van de Kommissie 1972 van de Sectie kinderrechtspraak van de Ned. Ver. voor Rechtspraak en de Sektie Gezinsvoogdij van de Nationale Federatie voor Kinderbescherming 1972)  14-37

'Working Children, Special Presentation at the Second Asian Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Bangkok, Febr 8-13, 1988', in: Final Report (1988)  41-48

Ways to strengthen the complaints procedures, particularly the individual complaint; Paper presented at International Conference "Stopping the economic exploitation of children: new approaches to fighting poverty as a means of implementing human rights? (2002)  6
22-24 February 2002, Hattingen (Germany)

What does the Children's Convention require? (2005)  6
Presmtaion at conference on What's wrong with the Rights of Children? Emory University Atlanta